"Amazing local company that provides an even more amazing service. We've loved this company since day 1 and have been with them for almost 3 years now!"

Laura H.

"The staff is very kind and the techs are not only kind but very informative. I'm so glad we switched!"

Melanie B.

"River City Wireless is awesome! Our previous internet was slow with data limits and we will be canceling that satellite service now. It took some time but it is well worth the wait. I would recommend this to everyone."

Gene F.

"Great service, they truly care about the customer!!"

Melinda C.

"We have had their service installed over 2 years now and have never had one single problem, highly recommend them and their prices."

Melanie S.

"Awesome install, no trouble at all they are very down to earth and are not trying to just make a $ like the big companies are. Very polite, I don't believe I've been called sir so much in my life. jk jk. Would recommend to everyone. Give them a call."

Jerron M.

"After all these years with no internet service, we are finally up and going! The team at River City Wireless went above and beyond to get us connected. We can't thank them enough!"

Kaci M.

"Have had their service for about a week and it's outstanding. Have been streaming tv with zero issues even in 4K. Great customer service they really do care."

Joey C.

"Personally know the owners. If they say they can deliver, they will."

Nancy H.

"We've had no option for home internet since we moved to Spencer County 2 years ago. We heard about River City Wireless from a friend's post on Facebook. We reached out and heard back right away! The customer service was excellent and we're so happy with our service!!! Thanks, y'all!!!"

Stephanie J.

"Locally owned and operated. Has the latest technology, and its performance is great."

Rodney N.

"So excited to be able to have wireless internet at our home in Patronville!! Thank you, RCW!!"

Angela K.